About GTP

Global Training Partners (GTP) provides an unrivalled range of cultural awareness training and coaching solutions that enable organizations, teams, and people, to work more effectively across the boundaries between countries and cultures.

  • Country-specific Cultural Awareness Training
  • Role-specific Cultural Awareness Training
  • Business-specific Cultural Awareness Training

Recognized as one of the most innovative companies in our business we operate from our head office and training centre in Singapore, and around the world through a global network of quality-assured associates and training partners.

Whatever type of international contact you are involved in, GTP’s cross-cultural solutions will help build and sustain the global mind-set, openness, flexibility, cultural understanding, and cross-cultural management skills to ensure successful projects, and sustainable, long-term competitive advantage for your business.

Our Services

Cross-cultural Skills Training

Cross-cultural Management and Communications Skills training benefits individuals and teams with a need to work effectively in any international environment.

Training explores issues including effective global persuading, influencing and negotiations; effective conflict resolution; leading, managing and working in international teams; effective communication; managing and motivating staff in different countries, and much more.

Whatever type of innovative, intelligent, in-house training solution you require, we can develop the capability of individuals across your business to…,

• Respond effectively to the cultural expectations of international customers and clients
• Manage colleagues, teams and suppliers in different countries and cultures
• Anticipate and manage cultural issues on off-shoring and outsourcing projects, mergers and acquisitions, international joint ventures, international expansion or partnership engagement projects
• Perform more effectively short, medium or long term international assignments
• Create better performing cross-border partnerships,
• Avoid cultural faux pas and misunderstandings that can damage international business relationships

Cultural Briefings and Workshops

Our unrivalled range of country and regional-specific training covers every significant nation or market around the world. So whether your requirement is for a 2-hour introduction to business in China over breakfast or lunch, or a 2-day in-depth exploration of negotiation practices in India, we can help.

Our continually expanding global network of specialized trainers and associates ensures we can deliver up-to-date and practical content though face-to-face training in the world’s major business centers. Alternatively, virtual cultural training can be delivered anywhere through video or telephone conferencing.

Country and regional-specific training is delivered by acknowledged experts on the country, region or market in question, and offer an insider’s view of business practices, business structures and business etiquette.

Our comprehensive pre-briefing, needs-analysis process ensures that your special requirements are fully covered.

Country and regional-specific cultural awareness training offers practical benefits for anyone who works or lives in a particular market, including expatriates, international assignees, and their families; or individuals who need to negotiate, sell or build relationships in unfamiliar countries or regions.

Whatever type of international contact you are involved in, GTP’s cross-cultural country and regional-specific training will help build and sustain the practical knowledge and skill you need to ensure successful global projects and international assignments, which means sustainable, long-term competitive advantage for your business.

High-Performing Global Teams

International teams have the potential to create significant competitive advantage for global businesses. This is because bringing together different ideas, pools of knowledge and approaches to work can create innovative approaches to complex organizational challenges.

Unfortunately many international teams do not always create the value expected. Some work well while others struggle to perform to their full potential. Some individuals find it straightforward to work in a multicultural and virtual environment while others do not.

GTP specializes in customized training and coaching that builds the effectiveness, coherence and productivity of newly-forming, or pre-existing, international and virtual teams.

Our training provides a clears framework for understanding what distinguishes poor-performing cross-cultural teams from the high performers, and for equipping teams, and their leaders, managers and members, to add sustainable value to the global business through overcoming cultural barriers and integrating different ways of working.

Market Sectors

Our customers include many of world’s most successful global businesses operating in a wide range of business sectors, including financial services, law and professional services, advertising, manufacturing, retail, and many more.

What makes us different

  • Absolute specialization in cultural awareness training
  • 20 year track record working with global clients
  • Expert trainers and facilitators with extended global business experience
  • Global footprint with training associates in over 100 worldwide business location
  • Unparalleled range of training delivery options, including online and executive coaching
  • Acknowledged thought-leaders in cultural awareness and intercultural training

Trainers, Coaches and Facilitators

Trainers, coaches and facilitators are subject to our market-leading recruitment, selection and development procedures and boast…


  • Extensive international business experience within a diverse range of markets and sectors.
  • A minimum of five years’ experience delivering cultural awareness training and coaching to FTSE 500 companies.
  • Expertise and credibility working with clients at a wide range of organisational levels, including C-level and top-team.
  • Highly-developed training design and delivery skills.
  • Acknowledged expertise in cross-cultural training, coaching, and materials design authoring.

Our Clients

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